Congrats CMAF!!!!

I want to congratulate all the guys from Complete Martial Arts and Fitness that competed at the Manitoba Open on the weekend.

Ben Fraser, Bronze in the gi and Silver in nogi.(Beginner)

Brad Oxby a Bronze in the GI and GOLD in nogi.

Craig Warnecke, Bronze in nogi.

Janz Stein, Silver in the GI and Gold in nogi. (Advanced)

Joshua Lavallee, Silver in the Gi and Bronze in nogi.

Troy Lavallee, Bronze in the Gi and Siver in nogi.

AJ Scales, two Gold medals.

Kevin Britton was injured and could not compete in the nogi. Zach, who is only 17 years old did a great job in his first competition.

In the team results Complete Martial Arts and Fitness took second with 40 points.

Awesome, shows what a great coach can do! Well done mate!

Photos are up at


As always the boys from Regina showd up and raised hell! See you guys soon again!

Congrats guys!!! Wish i was able to go.