Congrats Cole Miller/Paxis NAGA GA

Jason: Monson loses alot of decisions in grappling? You must be joking? He must have like the best no-gi grappling record with the best wins. He hardly EVER loses and if he does its like 0-0.

Charles, i was actually thinking of 2 losses in the last couple months when i said that. both controversial

seems like he ran around naked after one of them, threw his shorts in the crowd, that ring any bells?

We want to thank 2 people that where extremly helpful and with whom the event would have not gone as well as it did, one is Cam for that "THANG" he does and the other is to MATHEW WALLER who assisted Kip throughout the day and made sure things where running and things where being done, and also for all the help that they brought with about 300+ competitors it was a long day for every one but you guys did a great job.


Team Casca-Grossa

Charles i met a lot of people who knew you at the Atlanta NAGA......i'll talk to you on IM


*edit- Mike Ciesnolevicz posted this under my (BZLJJ) name.

JJ, you da man, VATO!!!!!

Thanks to Team Casca Grossa, JJ and Carol for all their support and sponsorship of Team Praxis at the NAGA tourney.


there's going to be a little inconsistency in reffing, it happens. Being a ref is the hardest job anyone has. Sometimes its hard to judge if a guy should get points for a takedown. Sometimes a guy will pull guard to avoid a bad position, but other times a guy will initiate and the guy will pull guard early even though he may not have been going down. It's a judgement call and sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. The refs are out there from 10 in the morning till past ten at night out there feet all day. People make mistakes its gonna happen, but for the most part all those guys were very good grapplers and excellent refs.

I have never seen Jeff pull guard when he competes. Jeff is a good wrestler with solid takedowns. When he winds up on bottom it is normally because of a failed takedown attempt.

groundcontrol: i have seen it many times and i have it on tape also.

I believe you Charles. I just have never seen it. Who was he competing against?

Jeff pulled half guard on Robinson in the Abu Dhabi if memory serves me.
Adam Singer



i think he pulled guard and swept tom ericson for the win in ADCC as well.

he also pulled guard against david avellan.


Thanks Skip!!! You da man!!! Can't wait 'til you come visit!!!



Holy shit! Nicely done guys!!!

Hey Cam, Richard says Congrats :)

lol, that was me on his account

i'm impressed with you guys and very glad for you :)