Congrats DR1!!

So i'm down in toledo to support some guys that compete on the Ohio "circuit" at the "Team Mercy" MMA event. 

I must've not been paying real attention/not listening to the intro's, when I realize Big Don is in the cage puttin' a whoopin' on some guy just as big as him!! 

Don made that shit look easy, and gave me yet another reason for me to get my as up to WW one of these days.

Again congratulations!!!


Don is back at Warrior Way full time, and has been training hard core
lately. Don can now show everyone what he can do in the cage (or
ring)...Don fought a Muay Thai fight about a week before this NHB fight.

TTT for Big D.

Great news, good work Don. "Did you ever know that you're my hero? You are the wind beneath my wings"

LOL Thanks guys I have been training alot and really pushing myself to get better.Thanks to all my friends and training partners for helping me.

Hey Don how did Myles' fight go?

Myles won his fight by RNC. Vic and Andre also won their fights.

Man, that is straight pimpin'. Awesome.

Now, I gotta go shopping for Miller Lite...

Fuerst....You booze, you lose. Remember that.

Uncle Ang


Don scares me.

lol @ Kai I'm only scary when provoked.

Dude, I've seen you train and seen you compete...

Damn scary.

here's a link to the fight it's missing a little of the begining and the finish :( you have to fast forward to my fight a little.

I think Don is still a hottie

Damn Gallo what's up buddy? long time no see. I hope you are doing good man.

Heard Gallo caught the major downfall of a fighter:

A Hot Woman.

yeah that'll do it.