Congrats Drake Dudley/NAGA Chicago

Drake Dudley took 1st place in both gi and no-gi in both his weight class and the weight class above his at the NAGA tournament in Chicago this past weekend. This kid is unstoppable at his age! Only 9, maybe just turned 10....and amazing skills!

Congratulations once again on another first place finish to Drake! He continues to make our school proud!!!

I read about him in a issue of Ultimate Athlete awhile back,sounds like the kid has a very promising future if he keeps interest.


Congrats to Drake!


Congrats Drake!

Unbelievable little guy...seen him compete several times and I'm amazed at his skill. Keep up the hard work, Drake!

Drake was very impressive he defeated one of my students who is 13 and out weighed Drake by at least 10lbs.Congrats to him he has a bright future.

I refereed this kid's matches...i didn't know who he was at the time but after he won, i told his dad that his son has a bright future in this sport.

This kid was like a mini version of Minotauro..i have never seen such fluid transitions between triangles, armbars, omo platas, etc

very impressive!