Congrats : Duane BANG Ludwig

Congrats on fulfilling your promise to your mom. Very awesome, I'm sure she is VERY PROUD.

Keep up the good work, hope to see you back in the UFC soon.

why isnt he with the UFC?

He's busy kickboxing.

WAY TO GO! Bang is an awsome champion!


congrats---to the new---I.S.K.A. World Champion

How did he win?

Congratulations i know Bang is the best not only in thai in mma too¡¡¡¡

To think I almost fought this guy, now hes one of my favorit fighters..

Kick ass bro...


Damn, not many people can be B+/A- level in MMA and A+ level in American, Euro, and JPN Muay Thai!

Congrats Bang

that b+/a- mma fighter is the linear UFC lightheavyweight champion. He beat Jens and he beat Genki Sudo. I'd say he's A+ (he also has a better ground game than most of you realize)


Sudo should have gotten the decision

his opponent looked crazy-tough!! - big win for the young gun



Is Bang fighting in K-1 this friday or is it a taped event?

I think it is a taped event!! But I really dont know shit!! LOL

Good job Bang. Keep working hard but also enjoy the success.