Congrats Gilbert Graplling

on 2 dominating performaces in combat do tonite wow. joey benoit dominated his oppenent with nasty slams. mark miller's brutal knockout in 30 seconds of the first round was amazing. what a gym full of great talent! cant wait to see more from the hellhouse!

Agreed. Congrats on great fights, guys.

both guys looked great but mark miller was a madman. ttt for G2

Awsome job Mark and Joe!! Gilbert Grappling has some amzing tallent, hmm maybe thats why i train there...well either that or the fact that i'm easily the best looking guy there

Kevin, I still owe you a favor for saving my show when LaVerne's opponnent got hurt. I haven't forgotten. I guarantee your not the same fighter. Clay tells me all about your tough ass! Jason

DOnt worry about it Jason, I wont be fighting for a few months now that i just had surgery but ill see you next week at your show for sure. Oh and if the favor includes lap dances from hot strippers i'll take you up on that this weekend!

Congrats to Joe Benoit, and the rest of G2 camp. What a bunch of tough mo-fo's. Keep up the good work.

Gilbert Grappling = One of the best up-and-coming camps in the USA!


sup kevin recover soon and break somemore arms! ttt for g2 hellhouse!

ttt for G2


nasty ko i keep getting flashes of it in my head.

Kevin. LOL I could probably arrange a couple of those. Clay knows all the hot woman. lol

Kevin, fast and healthy recovery bro!!

Props to the Gilbert Camp for getting Estrada ready for his fight. That was an all out brawl against the Canadian.

Could not have happened without the beatdowns that occured at 171st and Oak Park!!!!


Congrats Miller!!!

KNABS... When are you getting back to Chicago? Lets go grab some cocktails!!

Mark's fight


Do you have any of the other fights that night and I would love to see the Charles wilson fight.

Severnsmustache - I'll be in Chicago in about 2-3 weeks for the summer. I could definitly go for some drinks!