congrats godzilla- great effort

great effort dude.

any fighter knows you dont win every fight.

great effort= ttt for your next effort. i hope you get another shot on a ufc card

ttt someone esle give the man some props... he stepped up like a man and fought a good fight!!!!!!

well if they had been fighting in pride he may have won that fight as there rounds are 10 min. and mel looked a little lost when he was on his back.

TTT for an old school OGer.


Good job Gabe, we are all proud of you!

IMO, Gabe definitely earned another fight in the Octagon.


hell if they were fighting pride he would've won the 1st round as well, ending it like that.

this house was crazy during that fight.

Yeah, I was going nuts. Great job, can't wait to see him back in there. Definitely earned it.

I was rooting for respected UG member and Pro MMA Fighter GODZILLA.  It was a good effort.  You made the UG and Rancho Cucamonga proud!!

Gary Hughes

ttt for godzirra

good job stepped up and fought..Damn proud

LOFL!!! Oh man, and all this time I thought you were just another dumbass TUF noob!! Close enough

AWESOME effort Gabe!

You hung in there against a VERY tough opponent.

Ground game looked good with the mount and back control.

No shame in losing to Melvin.

Mucho Respect to Godzilla.

I couldn't watch, how did it play out?

He'll be back... GODZILLA


impressive? lol

The boys at Forty Thieves Clothing Socal and Hawaii are proud of Gabe.