Congrats Gortiz!

my man Gortiz just won Grapplers Quest by tapping out both his BJJ opponents, one who was voted Most Technical Fighter at GQ westcoast

gortiz was having lots of trouble cutting weight down to 140, he needed the old wrestlers to coach him thru the weight cutting process LOL

Hooray for Gortiz, great job man!

Post pic for Gortiz please!

Congrats Glenn!!!

The "Most Technical Fighter", BJJ guy, was tapped in under 30 secs.

Hooray for Glenn, Catch Wrestling, and American Folkstyle wrestling!

TTT for Glenn!

If you know Glenn, you wouldnt be asking that question....HEEL HOOKS of course!!!

Bluenamer please post the pic of Glenn, it's not from the fights this weekend, but its the same way he gets everyone!


Congrats on the wins. But something made me LOL the JPG posted in first post is not the way a heel hook is taught in Catch.


I know all the heel hooks glenn knows are from the man Tony C. himself. His takedowns are from yours truly. :)

Waiting for the BJJ Excuses, but Congratulations, Glenn!

If anyone has watched him fight at BAMA Fights over the years, they'd know that Glenn knows how to do a heelhook. Might not know much else :0), but he knows that move.

And LOL@ Gortiz being 140! Glenn, what bodyparts did you cut off to make the weight?

Thanks HK, for everything! I would never have won without you, Keith, Mike and Jay coaching me and giving me a place to drill and train. You guys are awesome coaches, and awesome friends. I think you'd ALSO be awesome MMA CORNERMEN. :)

Thanks everyone else for the congratulations!

First, congrats to GLEN ORTIZ. This is not about styles, but about winning.

Second, I've seen Tony do a heelhook from his back, from his side, from standing, whatever.  If it's there, you take it.  If you get a top wristlock without the twist, you take it.  But, to maximize its effectiveness, there are certain positions and grips that you should use.

Regardless, I talked to Tony today who said that Glen always had an affinity for the leg locks and is extremely proud of Glen.

ttt for GLEN ORTIZ!!!

Philanderer, I still have all my bodyparts, LOL. I'm just glad I didn't have to shave my head.