Congrats Jake Shields!

Jake gave Carlos the fight of his life. Carlos has never went past round one and yet he couldn't do NOTHING to Jake. Congrats!

and who won?

I hope you're joking. I didn't say Congrats for my health!

Way to go Jake!

As if there was ever any doubt.

lemme guess gay and pray for 15 minutes??

ttt for Jake, next stop UFC?


actually no man. it was a fricken war. jake used some great wrestling and bjj but condit is fucking tough as hell. holy crap. worth paying 14.95 at to watch tomorrow. absolutely. fctv

ps. jake actually tried to twister condit, but condit was able break the lockdown off. awesome.

sexz, you the girl w/ the blonde highlights yelling from section 00 tonight?

No! Mark you know who I am, you probably just don't realize it. LOL I met you along time ago like three years ago at the weigh ins at 24 hour fitness when you came over to talk to Enson. Last night, I was sitting in CC? I think thats the seating area.....It is right in front of G risers on the floor. I was sitting with Divina (girl who sings national anthem everytime) we were right next to the guy who turns that HUGE camera. Where were you? I didn't see you at all last night. :(