Congrats Jay Jack

Congrats to my friend jay jack on being amal easton's first black belt.


Right on Jay.

TTT for jay getting his black belt, and also to his wife amanda buckner on getting her brown belt. They are both awesome coaches and training partners, and great friends.


Hell yea Jay, keep up the good work. Thats awesome.


oh great! :D Congrats!

jay is a badass always getting the job done

Very very cool. Everyone I've never met that knows Jay can only say great things about him. He's truly a talent that the sport if fortunate to have.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Congrats to the baddest couple in Maine! Awesome!

congrats jay!

Nice, Congrats!


Congrats to both


Congrats to the baddest couple in the sport!

Well deserved Jay & Mandy.. it was great seeing you guys again


Jay is the man! We miss him like crazy in Colorado...he is larger than life!

He's a great competitor, teacher and most importantly a great person!

He's taught me a ton in the 7 years I have known him! Way to go Jay!