Congrats Jeff Joslin!!

Congrats to my instructor and friend Jeff for taking the golds in his division and the open for the brown belt division this past weekend at the Arnolds! Other than Stallones appearance, that was awe inspiring! Jeff never got one point scored on him and took out a top Relson Gracie brown belt Phil Cardela (sp.)!!

Also, congrats to Andy Kwan for coming back from a 4 year absence of the sport and looking just as good as the old days! Glad to see your back Andy, training with US and kicking but again!

Awesome trip, definately going again next year!

Jeff is awesome I saw his weight class, and there were a lot of amazing guys in it, and Jeff won!!1

Jeff joslin is a great competitor, and a super nice classy guy to boot.

ttt for Jeff Joslin!

Awesome! Any descriptions/highlights of the matches??

Congrats Jeff. Can't wait to see you back in the MMA ring.



Ronin MMA

Great fighter.

An even better person.

Congrats !

Awesome! Double J's got crazy skills. Congrats!


amazing stuff

good job bro

Wow...congrats Jeff...that's amazing.

**cough...Black Belt...cough, cough**

congrats Jeff!

Damn, hope whatever Showdown's got is contageous as hell.. :)

Jeff Joslin = The man!

Great job Jeff!!!

Congratulations to Jeff!! Canadians have been really representing lately around the world!! Keep it up guys! Hopefully we get some guys out west representing at the next Grappler's Quest.

Great job Jeff, I was happy to hear you going back to your roots with the gi.

Congrats to a great instructor!

CONGRATS Jeff. I hope all that ass kicking we all took over the past few weeks while you prepared, helped you out in some way. I knew it helped me out, all that extra training I had the opportinty to do with you. I had no doubt you'd place well.

One Question:

Did either you, Andy, Rick use the secret handshake when you met Stallone?


excellent job Jeff

i AM GLAD TO SEE CANADIAN grapplers becomming good in grappling. Excellent Jeff dont give up