Nice work Joe on your victory by unanimous decision at the FFC!

by all accounts it was a total war. UFC, here Joe comes!!!

Congrats to Joe!


Congrats Joe!!

Hello, Joe!!! it's Todd here.
Good job in the fight, put up some details, champ.
Way to go!!!
UFC time!!! Maybe you'll be there the same day
as Chris Fontaine, after he beats "THE Crow".
Fontaine is fighting his best right now also, watch
out, we've never seen him like this before!!
Right on Doerksen!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo, the man!!!

Big UP for Joe...way to go !!!!

If this keeps up people are gonna quit signing to face any Cannucks :)


Congrats Joe, sounds like you really threw down! Guiseppe my friend, You've got the first MMA out of the way, now you're ready to show what you can. Hey Toddude! email if you get time

And he just got confirmation that he IS fighting @ UFC 49 !!!1


Congradulations Joe!

How long I been saying this Pete? ;)

Congrats Joe, You are the man!

yo, dorks! I have to digress from the Joe
championing for a moment to tell Glen : Email me
man I don't have your address right now!
Yo, Joe!!!!! UFC champ! Yo Fontaine UCC champ
Yo, Johnny Yim local hero!

I saw the fight yesterday. Wow! Joe took the guy to the mat easily, hyperextended the guys elbow badly then twisted his shoulder even worse and guillotined choked him 'til he was passing out ... but the guy wouldn't tap! On the feet, Joe's punches were also much more accurate and he landed some hard enough to KO most people, but this guy was like a drunk ape in a hockey helmet. Joe's been fighting tough guys! Who's next? Jason from Friday the 13th?

Congrats!!! WHere is UFC 49 being held?