Congrats Kultar!!!

I knew you were gonna KO him with a knee. Great job!

Congrats Kultar!! Play by play? Results of card?

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Hero's 2006 first night was held this Wednesday at Yoyogi Stadium, in Tokyo, Japan. The audience saw 10 fights among super-fights and the Middleweight World Championship Tournament. The highlight was the flash win of Norifumi "Kid Yamamoto over Kazuiuki Miyata. Kid needed only 4s to knock-out his opponent.

The second round of Hero's Middleweight World Championship Tournament is scheduled for August 5th, also in Tokyo. Check out the complete results:

Hero's 2006
Yoyogi Stadium – Tokyo, Japan
May 3rd 2006

Opening fight:
Kazuhiro Hamanaka beat Wakashoyo with a armlock at 1m22s of 1R

Antonio "Pezao" Silva defeated Tom Erikson by TKO at 2m49s of 2R
Don Frye defeated Akebono with a front choke at 3m50s of 2R
Yoshihiro Akiyama beat Katsuhiko Nagata by KO at 2m25s of 1R
Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto defeated Kazuyuki Miyata by KO at 4s of 1R

Middleweight World Championship Tournament:
Ivan Menjivar beat Taiyo Nakahara by decision
Rani Yahya defeated Ryuki Ueyama by decision
Gesias Cavalcante defeated Hidetaka Monma by TKO at 2m08s of 1R
Black Mamba beat Hideo Tokoro by KO at 43s of 1R
Caol Uno defeated Ole Laursen with a rear naked choke at 4m36s of 2R

Congrats Black Mamba !!!

sweet congrats to kultar and Ivan

Great job guys...congrats.

Theres a great picture of it on sherdog. A bluenamer should post it here.

Congrats to both.

thanks for the support gentlemen. It was a great card. Ivan menjivar also looked insane. See you soon Snake

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Gill vs Menjivar is going to be sick!

Outstanding performance Kultar!

check this link to see the fight,

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Holy shit, Sakuraba himself just gave you major props in his K1 press conference. He mentioned your name repeatedly. I can't tell whether he said he wants to fight you, or whether he wants to fight like you, but he said something to that effect.

Here is your name in katakana, if this forum can show it:ブラックマンバ!

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I just got back home and tried to see the fight but it has expired. Can you please put it up again.

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