You manage to combine the stellar characteristics of magnificent martial artists such as Phil Baroni, Frank Dux and Jean Claude Van Damme.....

if you EVER decide to leave MMA...i'm certain Vince McMahon would fucking love you....

"I Well Earned everything I got...."

True, but you still don't have that much.

"ISKA Full Contact Karate Ko Champion, I was a former 15xTime Tournament Karate World Champion......... NASKA,NBL,ISKA,USKA,PKC,KRANE, WKF.......Won Every Major Tournament Open Karate Tournament there ever was..........." sponsored by Paul Mitchell, McDonalds and others who know fuck all about karate....let me know when you fight in Japan, Canada or other venues against REAL Karate fighters and not those that come from Billy Bob Johnson Karate who invented his own karate style....then you can call yourself a Karate champ...

Manny was also the first person to blow himself on a craft-matic adjustable bed. He has since won the self blow job title 3X.

The fact is the UFC would never take him on resume, he is trash, so maybe with some BS internet hype he can get in? Come on!

Meet you in UFC with Hermes when you get in on your own merit. Hermes already did.

15 time karate champion.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D'Arce did you see the thread where Manny challenged Royler or Ralph to fight?'s a guy who has fought who is a troll...

"I gotta admit...the last time something like this happen was when Lee Murray made his debut on UFC."
So KOing Pele had nothing to do with it?

You a BAD man. Ernest "The Cat" Miller was a 3x world Karate champ, and I don't believe he ever won the TV Title.

Gordan Hestor, if you'd ever met the guy, you would see for yourself how much of an asso he is. The guy honestly believes he is the best. But won't test himself against anyone who may expose him as a fraud.I live here in miami and I'll tell you that this guy's skills don't even compare to a good white belt in jiujitsu. How on earth does he think he has a chance against an accomplished fighter I don't know. Its mainly all about exposing himself the easiest way to the top. Piss off the right people and you get a ticket to the big show.

Feed this punk to chuck or Tito and be done with his punk ass.