Congrats Mike Hosford

Congrats to Mike Hosford, Mike got his purple belt from Pedro Sauer, the same day that Allen got his black belt. Mike is 50 plus years young!!! See you at the tournament Mike.

Brad and HMA BJJ

Thanks guys. That would be 57 1/2 years young. I remember when I was an unbleached belt.

I tested with Blair Patterson from my school; and, Chris Colquitt, and a teammate of his named Richard from Steve Grantham's school. They all did great. Chris is the same one on this forum and it was nice to put a face with the name.

BTW Brad , is this your way of asking me to return the blue belt you loaned me last year?:)


Gotta say, I was impressed with you guys from your school.  I remember your sons (they are yours, right?) from other seminars I've been to and they're always getting better.  Blair seemed like a pretty cool guy as well and was very technical.  I liked how Pedro put it:  "His moves are so tricky he doesn't even know them". :) 

Good training guys.


Yes Chris, Matt and John are my sons. I became a student of theirs and got hooked on BJJ.

Blair is a good athlete. He was a pro soccer player
before he blew out a knee a few years back. He's got a whole different skill set in grappling than a lot of BJJers as he spent his college years working out with the Carson Newman wrestling team and then blended the games pretty well.

Brad: We got your tourney info in the mail today. I'll talk it up to the guys. I am really glad that your student, Jeff DeMarcus got his Brown. It was well deserved.



Everyone that knows you can say that this promotion is very well deserved.

Hope to see you guys soon.

Phil Hurst

I wondered what happened to that blue belt.....LOL

Ok buddy, I talked to Jon he said he would try to bring a good crew.

Have you guys seen on the events page the tournament this new guy in Powell is holding?? The website is it looks like their trying to be a knock off of NAGA, the site does not say too much about if it NAGA or not, just says ranked, Its Jan. 27th at Powell High school.

Are you sure about the web address? I don't know anything about the tourney or the guy.

found it. without the "the" in front, it is a porn site. LOL