Congrats Mike McDonald

Mike Mcdonald is back in Vancouver after winning an impresive KO in Inoki Bombaye show in Japan. Originally, he was to fight an MMA fight as his 1st MMA fight and Fujita was offered the fight. Fujita didnt want to have anything to do with him so Mike ended up fighting another K-1 fighter for a Kickboxing match.

Congrats Mike and hope to see you soon in MMA scene!!!

Mike McDonald and Randleman could be a great tag-team in pro-wrestling.

Good idea, a kickboxer who doesn't know anything about fighting on the ground and a wrestler who doesn't know anything about fighting on the ground either :)

Glad to hear he won.

Thing I`m wondering is why would Fujita turn down a fight with a guy with no MMA experience and more than likely weak takedown defense? Must be something else than wanting no part of him.

Somehow I dont believe that Fujita would turn down an MMA fight against him. Afterall, he fought Cro Cop.

Congrats Mike!

Mike is a great athlete and very fast. He has been training Grappling for the Inoki event and have progressed quite a bit. He may not be at the elite level in grappling just yet but he definitely can KO anyone in the MMA and has the ability to keep it on the feet because of his quickness. Maybe Fujita learned his lesson against Crocop not to mess with top level striker.

I'm trying to introduce Mike to an elite wrestling coach here in Vancouver,Lhamaa Naidan from SFU/Mongolian Olympic Freestyle Team coach.It could be interesting.Hope Mike takes up the offer, a win-win situation.

I hope so too, Majic Sam. The more training he gets on the clinch, takedown, and takedown defence, the closer we gonna see a rematch between Crocop and Mike and this time, in MMA fight.

"Fujita didnt want to have anything to do with him so Mike ended up fighting another K-1 fighter for a Kickboxing match."

Although I'm happy Mike won his K-1 fight, I really doubt Fujita (who fought Fedor, Cro Cop (twice) and Mark Kerr would turn down a fight with an MMA newbie.


"The day you meet somebody with equal stand-up skills and quickness"

There's only one guy with equal striking skills as McDonald in MMA (Crocop) and I doubt he'd take it to the ground.

First thing is first.Regardless of his strikers chance in MMA,he HAS to have the basic fundamentals of wrestling defense DOWN in his sleep.It will be interesting to see what transpires,even if it's only to stall until the next stand-up (not my favorite game-plan,though).Hopefully he gets beyond a simple pro striker with basic sprawl/defense routine and takes it to a decent takedown/GnP level.

Mike's game is obviously stand up and the longer you can keep it standing, the more his opponent is in trouble. I dont think he needs to become a champion wrestler or submission. He just need to be knowledgeable enough to stall in the ground or prevent going to the ground too much. If Cro cop can get as far as he can with his limited ground skill, I dont see why Mike wont be able to do the same. Of course, the goal is to get as good in the ground as possible but that can only happen overtime and with more experience. Crocop was very close to koing Nog and it made a very exciting fight for both. Nog was also close to getting a sub early on the first round.

Flip Guard,if you are in Vancity these days,come by Cocoon on Granville and drop-in on one of Lhamaa's takedown classes.Check out my thread on the Canada Forum.Hope to see you there.

And yes,I agree,if Mirko can do it,so can Mike.


McDonald did knock Cro Cop the fuck out.

LOL @ squatdog, McDonald fucked Cro Cop up, so did Hug, Bernardo, Hoost, and XHAVIT BIJARMI!!

Hug fucked everybody up sooner or later ;o)

Hug in MMA would have rocked.

By the way Ignashov just won his first MMA fight and I think he is a better striker than McDonald.


Michael McDonald is fuckin' awesome.