Congrats Nabil from BTT-Canada

A shout out of congratulations to Nabil Khatib for his inspired 3 round decision over Gideon Ray.

After weathering a stormy 1st round, Nabil came back strong in the 2nd & 3rd to beat a game Ray who pulled out all stops to try to overcome a motivated Khatib, even throwing a spinning back kick to Nabil's body.

Nabil used an constantly improving ground game to take him down and control from the top. Unanimous decision.

Next stop the belt?


Congrats Nabil!

Congrats Nabil!!!

Congrats Nabil!

Ronin MMA

TTT nabil is simply put the man.. i just want to learn this technique he has of mastered with letting the oppnenet get over confident in the early rounds and coming back to hammer him in the remaining ones :)

congrats Nabil!!

I expected to see a very well rounded Nabil but the Nabil I saw saturday night was shocking. What a crazy improvement in such a short time,,,,Congrats and Nabil is defenitly going places at 170......


Congratulations Nabil! You're my hero!

Francois :)

congratulations !

GJ Nabil!