Congrats New Rickson Blue Belts

Congratulations to Gary, Patrick, Pete, Craig, Cameron and Keith to getting their blue belts last Saturday at Rickson's west LA academy. Nice job guys! You've worked hard for it. A 5 hour belt test capped it off and you guys did it. Enjoy!

Congrats and welcome to the club!

5 hour belt test? what the hell do you test for 5 hours?

Rickson belt test is rough as is Pedro Sauers. I think mine blue test was about 3-4hrs under them

Soneca's purple belt test went on for about a year.

Still waiting for my blue belt test under Prof. Sauer.

did Rickson give them out himself? Or a rep of his.

How about some more details on the test - 5 hours seems pretty brutal...

There were 6 guys taking the test, so it took a while. Each guy is tested on his competence in each of the following areas. These are the categories laid out on the syllabus you are given before you take the exam so you know what will be tested:

Standing Techniques --
a) Defense against punch, kick; defensive base against throws
b) Offense - hip throw, leg throw, 2 throws from behind (lifting and sitting)

Floor Techniques ---

a) Mount escape 2 ways
b) 2 submissions from mount, maintain position
c) 2 sweeps from bottom guard
d) triangle from bottom guard
e) open guard defense bottom
f) choke from bottom guard
g) straight arm lock from bottom guard
h) bent arm lock from bottom guard
i) guillotine from bottom guard
j( guilotine choke escape bottom
k) 2 ways to pass guard
l) maintain balance on top in guard, arm protection, neck protection
m) escape from cross side (put in guard)
n) escape from cross side (turn to knees)
o) 2 ways to mount from cross side
p) defense against mount while in cross side
q) 2 arm locks from cross side
r) escape from rear mount (back to floor)
s) choke from back using collar and w/o collar
t) demonstrate ability to control from the back

You have to spar/roll showing your ability to effectively do these techniques. It takes a while when you have a group of guys doing this...

cool, thanks. who did the testing?

Chris Saunders did it this time. Rickson usually does attend the blue belt test, but he's been nursing an injury and didn't make it this time.

Sauer is a black belt under Rickson and a part of the Rickson JJ Association I believe. I would imagine he borrows somewhat from Rickson's blue belt requirements.