congrats new SBGi BJJ blackbelt!

HUGE congrats in order for a LONG overdue black belt to SBGi founding member Tom Oberhue.

Tom's game is on fire, and those of you who have rolled with him know what I mean. In addition, he is an amazing BJJ Coach.

So having said that, it was great to see him recieve his black belt this weekend from long time SBGi Coach Chris Haueter.

Congrats Tom!!

Fucking awesome!!!


Great job Tom!

Awesome! Very well deserved.

awesome, well done!

Congratulations Mr. Oberhue! You are truly an inspiration to people like myself.

Straight butta!


Tom is awesome. Just don't believe him if he says "Let's roll light!"

Much respect,


Congratulations Mr. Oberhue!



Tom are you going to have a big anvil on the back of your gi?

Congrates bro. Well deserved.

Dave Copeland

Congratulations Tom. A warrior and a scholar. Aloha!

Congrats Tom!

When you can excel and hold your own with your peers, mentors, and predecessors, translate your game and gifts to others, and completely transform another's game regardless of their style or experience, you have a command of this art and are a black belt.

Tom has had these qualities for a long time now. So well deserved! Huge Congrats!!!!


Tom is not only one of the most positive people you
will ever meet and a true jiu-jitsu stud, he is also
one of the best, most creative instructors anywhere.

Some nice dance moves too. "Gettin' jiggy with it."


Tom O = Stud


Congrats, Tom!

If there were belts for nice dudes, I think Tom would be a ninth degree black.

Big congrats to one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Great job!

way-ta-go Tom-o!!

can we still call him a sandbagger??

"can we still call him a sandbagger??"