Congrats Nick Thompson

Big ups to Nick Thompson for winning the Bodog 170 lb title. Nick just keep simproving everytime he fights. Good job Nick, and congrats.

Congrats Thompson


Very well done.

ttt for MMAA

and nick thompson

congrats Champ!

ttt for the champ - way to be a punching bag -err ahhh wait - guess that didn't happen

I didn't realize punching bags punched back that hard.


Watch Out world!

I like Nick.

hell yeah! congrats Nick

Great job Nick, great game plan, your striking looked better than ever!

congrats, saw the fight last night.

Way to be

Nick is quite a force at 170.

And quite pastie white, too.

It kind of looked like he grabbed the ropes to win...wait different fight. NICK THOMPSON, bitches!

anyone have pbp on the fight?


Great job!