Congrats Pedro Brandao

For winning lightweight pro at the Bud World Cup.

TTT Gracie Barra

Barra rules!

Congrats to Pedro Brandao!


Congrats Pedro!!! From the crew at KBJJ.

Hey Brandon: COngrats on your gold also!

Brandon Bledsoe took gold in blue belt under 145lbs.

Thank you. i had a great time as did the rest of our crew who went down.

Did any of KBJJ guys go?

Congrats from Gracie Barra Orlando!

i know pedro finished that one guy with a wicked arm bar

Predo did a great job and he can move.......

I know of several KBJJ guys planning to go to Ky. to support Brandon and Brian. We want to support all the guys in East Tn. who are bringing up the level of BJJ.

Good job Pedro. That was a great show.

Brandon: You asked about if any of our guys went. Matt Roberts swept the gi and no-gi divisions in his weight class (around 155-160 I think) for blue belts. Matt trains under Phil Hurst in Morristown at The Full Mount Jiu-Jitsu Club. Phil and his guys train with us on a very regular basis; so we claim them when they do good.:)

Congrats Pedro.

Congratulations Pedro , you did a great job!!!

I saw MAtt but I didnt see Phil.

TTT Pedrinho

pedro needs to make a highlight video and post it for us

Congrats Pedro


I've got ton of Pedrinho footage from Purple belt on up to black belt. All I can say is his submission skills are sick.

TTT for Gracie Barra & Pedro

Nice job Pedro.