Congrats Phil Cardella 4 gfc win

Phil looked really good in his win over Dias. Phil showed that you can attack from the guard. Props to Phil. At the end Phil did the Ali, "I am still pretty." routine. He guard was defensive yet he attacked from the bottom the entire time. FIND THIS MAN A SPONSER!!!




I was very impressed w/ Cardella's offense from the guard. That was one of the best examples of jiu-jitsu from the bottom in MMA that I have seen recently. Nice job.

get my boy a sponsor

kirik make it happen

Tremendous work from the guard. Text book Relson Gracie style. Rafael was a great opponent too. Phil really worked hard for it, he derves it. It was the best fight of the night. Hats off to both the guys. Watch it on reply or MMAWL.COM

ttt for Phil. best mma guard work since bustamante fought Tom Ericson(sp?). Yeah I know I'm old. Guys check it out and tell what you think.


Thank you. I try my best. I wanted to show something new against a very tough opponent. Rafiel is humble & tough. It was a 3 round FIGHT. I was happy to perform the way I did. I look forward to the next GFC.

I met Phil this weekend and he let me photograph himat will and pose with my son for as many pictures as I wanted. Not just great jiu-jitsu, ...great man. And boy can he eat some oysters!

Phil, I dont know if you remember me or not, I( david wahlers ) contacted you around last year to certify a group of soldiers for Army combatives? Well you sent me your crudentials and ever since then i've been a fan. When i seen your name on this card for this fight I was cheering for ya. You made me some pretty good money too, considering i bet on you. Anyway thanks alot for the good show and Congratulations.

phil great job man i hope to go back to austin soon

Phil is the man, Its good to see him get the shot he has worked so hard for!

Watch Phil's fight on MMAWL.COM. It was great!!!

Phil's the man!

His jiu-jitsu is world class. Phil is a humble, tough, and talented guy.

Congrats, brother.




Thanks for everyones support. I was impressed with Rafiel's abilities as well. I am glad I got to fight someone as tough as he is. Phil

Phil, I think I have a fight for Nissen on June 23rd. I would love to have you come and stay with us and dosome classes for a few days before that, and let you train with him. Call me