I almost died just now… hahaha!

it’s intellectually dishonest to assert that these polls aren’t heavily biased. But let’s say they aren’t… Those poll numbers aren’t a reflection of how great Biden is doing but instead it shows just how delusional and out of touch you and a large percentage of the US population are if think the guy in this video and many other videos just like it, is a good president.

They’re phenomenal numbers by any measure. People of all stripes should be celebrating all this American winning! Are you not a patriot?

Tell me what he’s saying in that video…

I think he’s talking in code to all the liberals telling us the plan for taking your guns

Definitely higher than trumps, but they’re the second lowest at this point in his presidency since WW2. Second only to you know who.

Obviously those other polls are all even more fake

You probably believe your media when they tell you that the citizens like Trudeau too, don’t you?

This is what authoritarian regimes who literally control the media do, you simple-minded Canadian sweetheart…

They all say the same thing. The absolute numbers vary, but the relative rankings are all the same. Even Rasmussen puts Biden ahead of Trump at 6 months in. But everyone else since WW2 ranks above him.

No. I don’t think Trudeau is particularly popular at all, but the party is. Different system of govt entertainment.

This really is disgusting. I don’t even know a Biden supporter and I’m no hermit. I have a large family. Even liberals don’t really like him but are just happy it’s their team in charge. Everything we consume comes from like 3 cities and they’re all getting paid to print what they’re told or lose their jobs immediately.

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Anyone responding to this troll is just feeding him. You know Pundit is either trilli g or a moron, why would you acknowledge his threads? So strange that people talk to his kind. They enjoy human suffering and find it as an opportunity for adults to interact with them. Even if the interaction is disgust. Stop paying the troll. He is not a good person, clearly.


I do pray Joe would recruit some Canadian libs for that kind of work.

His kind? HIS KIND?!?!?!

How dare you!