CONGRATS Red and Alan Combat Corner Sponsored

 Just wana say a big congrats to combat corner fight shop sponsored fighters and training partners Eric "RED" Schafer and Alan "the Talent" Belcher.

Red took some shots and withstood them all even the illegal ones, and Alan showed how smooth and crisp his striking and ability to get back to his feet is.  Great fight for fighters training out of Milwaukee.


I only bet on the Ravishing Red Rooster this event, that turned out to be a good decision. Thanks Eric!

Thanks, Dan. Combat Corner rules...

Great fight Red

 Congrats Eric and Alan.  Way to get it done against 2 tough opponents.

Great job Red!

 Congrats Red and Alan!!!

Thanks combat corner!


I was yelling at my TV last night I was so excited for U!

Congrats to U Eric!

U showed what a Pedro Sauer BB could do!

 They both showed up to fight , both VERY impressive imo


Congrats to Eric and the man with the Talent Alan Belcher!!

TTT 4 Red and Alan! 


TTT !!!

Eric you gotta head out to Phuket sometime ;)


 Congrats from Athens Red!


Both of them are nice guys with tons of game. Top for both of them.