Congrats!!! Reggie Pena defeats Efrain Ruiz

Reggie Pena(Champions MMA) defeated BJJ Black Belt Efrain Ruiz(FFA)
By ref stoppage in the second round.

The venue was very old school reminded me of the old fights in Florida at Headlightz 10 years ago.(LOL)

It was kinda weird we warmed up outside and sat in a trailer all night until his fight.

He fought a very skilled and game opponent from a great school that came in prepared.

Reggie knew that Efrain was a BJJ BB and wanted to stay on top and keep the fight up. After the second round Reggie got the TKO and was awarded the victory.

Congrats to my boy Reggie.

Ross Kellin

 Where was this?

at Revolution Live night club in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

It was so old school Reggie and I were hitting mitts outside in the Parking lot where patrons were standing in line to get in.


 Damn.  I remember the Headlightz days!

 Wow, Reggie has come a long way then.  Is he training with you guys now?

Breakit, I dint know you were at those?  I remember fighting there and Todd and Nick Starks used to ref.  When he came over to my corner to ask if I was ready to fight, i asked what was good that night downtown :)

 Wow that is old school like the Silver Spurs fights with cow smell all over the place

Yes! Reggie is training with me. Headlightz like 97 and 98 back when we all looked like kids, and Mike had hair.

Mike, Reggie has come a long way he is doing really well and learning fast.

Carlao are you sure that was some cows or rumblefish's girls.



He must be good to beat Efrain because Efrain is tough, experienced and a fighter at heart. In addition, he is part of an awesome team. Congrats to Reggie, Ross and the rest of the team.

ross, wish I knew you were going to be there. Shoot me an email after your done with Copa.

Momentum, thanks so much your words are like gold to me.

I hope you are doing better and healing.

Sid Justice - No problem bro.




It seems like my health keeps getting worse but my mind and attitude keeps getting stronger. I am facing 3 surgeries this year and still plan to make this my best year ever. I haven't been to the dojo in months. For the first time, I really don't miss it (although I miss the guys at the dojo). My meeting with the neck doctor was the final realization that this chapter of my life needed to end. I leave BJJ with years of great memories and a group of lifetime friends. While the injuries and daily pain are tough, I find my gratitude in the magic of this part of my life journey.

One a side note, I think it is awesome that your team is doing so well. You have always been one of my favorite people that I have meet during this stage of my life. I respect you as a fighter, person, coach and friend. I am always there is you need me for anything. While I am out of the scene these days, I am always there is spirit. I will drop you a line if I am headed to Lakeland in the near future. Please do the same if you are in Sarasota.