Rich Dalton had a baby boy the 31st.Rich will also be competing in the heavyweight tourny this weekend.Looking forward to seeing little jacob tonight best of wishes to rich and his family.The only bad thing is jacob wont be wrestling for Jersey lol.ttt for rich dalton and his knew baby boy.

^ New Baby Boy imo.

Doolin , Doolin, !! Congrats on a little warrior !

Im rooting for you saturday but betting against you due to sleep deprivation !


rich will look really good.he has trained his ass off an is in great shape.droolin dalton wont slow rich down at all.ttt for rich

Yeah , Im hoping Local Boy makes good , just like The Executioner ! Then I can have UFC tix when he fights at 66, 67.

Right Doolin !


Congrats Rich

whats up joe hows things goin on the east coast?

Thanks a lot guys. Won't be sleep deprived at all, have that avenue taken care of.

What's up Joe? How are things going?

I will see what I can do HKP, let's just see how this fight goes first.

TTT 4 Droolin and Doolin!!

Congrats Rich!!!

Now go win so you can buy some baby food and diapers. :)

What weight class was Droolin born at? OSSMA, Don't get offended by HKP correcting your grammar, he does it to the Executioner as well.

Thanks Chuck, that was the plan. LOL

8 lbs 7 oz. 22 inches

I will see what I can do HPK, let's just see how this fight goes first.


Now you are misspelling my name after I still own the rights to yours. We have warned you once and you edited. Um, Are you sleep deprived ?

Kong Hong Foooey, my apologies....PLEASE forgive me. LOL I was typing quickly...sometimes my fingers are too fast for my brain.

No problem Dalton Doolin Richard.

HKP, The board has denied your request for sanctions against Doolin. If he misspells my name, we will gladly re visit the issue. Sincerely, fredruM

Done . We can change it to Rotten Dalton real quick before Dana signs him !!! lol

I will NEVER spell it wrong again guys. Or at least I will TRY my very best not too.