I would like to personally commend the athletes from RONIN MMA/BTT Ottawa and BTT Montreal for their outstanding preformances, great sportsmanship and bringing home some serious hardwear. There are to many people to name so I'll just let the thread be compleated by everyone else. GREAT JOB Craig.

I know that this is the second thread
but I only allowed pros and mods to
post on the other one by accident.

Congrats to all my BTT brothers and sisters!


Congrats once again all.

Does anyone know how Nikita did in the kids division?

Hey Craig do you have an extra picture of us holding the belt? TTT Ronin BTT Canada.

Justin I have it on digital I'll get you a copy.

Thanks Craig, I'll be at the club training tonight.

Congratulations to Farmer Brown for plowing through his opponents at Joslins. Get it...plowing...farmer...
Hey who said spanish people are suppose to be funny!?!? Have you heard of Paul Rodriguez???

dude, Paul Rodriguez cracks me up!

I got Paul Rodriguez's HBO special on my comp hmeboy! Next time you come over you can check it out, that is if you stop babbling about how dogs are more affectionate than cats....ah the rye...:)

P.S. Big boxing card this Saturday on PPV (Holyfield, Ruiz, Gulata, Byrd). I'm gonna be watching it at my place if you wanna stop by.

Can't do it dude, gotta work.

P.S. damn that Colin and his friggin rye, I don't even LIKE rye :-p

Gi Division

Men’s Under 141 lbs. Beginner 1st Dan Nerway 1st Yann Dubonnel (Tie)
Men’s 205 – 224 lbs. Beginner 1st Craig Brown 1st Justin Point(Tie).
Men’s Over 225 lbs. Beginner 1st LT.
Men’s 142 - 162 lbs. Advanced 2nd Filipe Heidrich.

No-Gi Division

Men’s Under 141 lbs. Beginner 3rd Dan Nerway.
Men’s 141 - 162 lbs. Beginner 3rd Nick Denis.
Men’s 205 – 224 lbs. Beginner 3rd Rob Cook. 4th Justin Point.
Men’s Over 225 lbs. Beginner 1st LT.
Men’s 205 – 224 lbs. Intermediate 1st Craig Brown.

Congrats guys, you trained hard, you won big!!!

Shahram Rashti

Ronin MMA/BTT Canada