Congrats Royce Gracie

From everything I hear (havn't seen the fight), you won the majority of the fight..That is great and you should be really proud..

I never doubted that you could win, although I have to say you suprised me by dominating posistion to do it..That is awesome..

I wish you had not let people get you so worked up that you disrespected judo the way you did (that made me want you to lose), but I guess when you hear the shit from people it gets you angry..I too say stupid shit sometimes when I am angry..

Anyways, good fight, you have proven to still be the warrior we all where in awe of in 93. Perhaps even tougher than before because you where throwin down this time, before just kind of caught people..Anger might be your best tool yet...

p.s. Judoka DO NOT cheat..Yoshida may have, pride may have, but "judoka" do not.


i think alot of people were surpised as the the way the fight went. i was also and thats no disrespect to royce

we can shit talkon this forum pre fight but now that both fighters , professional fighters have fought we should and have given them their props.

maybe we should watch the fight first

*falls off chair*

good thread....ttt for solid judo guys.

For all you fucking retard that are acting surprised, Quincy's only been pulling for Royce since the first fight and has publically posted about it a billion times.

Congrats to Royce for taking my man to a draw, but until I see the fight...

Kai is that for me? I'm not actually surprised, just lightening the mood.

kai dont high jack this thread. it was going fine until u came

king fuk u are fukin up q thread man. stay off and go somewhere else

it must suck to be King Yoshida right now...

All I know is that I'm happy, drunk and ready to New Years Eve!

BTW, thanks Royce... I wouldn't be THAT happy if you didn't school Yoshida today.

Happy new year, King Yoshida!!!


Listen to Royce's post fight interview. He talks about Yoshida being an expert Grappler, he gives him respect for his grappling skill and his grappling accomplishments. I think people get carried away.

Spank: No it's not for you, it's for all those peeps who are reading this.Quincy is and always has been a HUGE fan of Royce's. Me, I've never been a fan of Royce and we used to argue about Royce's skills while we were warming up... Well, warming for Quincy to tap me out without breaking a sweat.But everyone makes him out to be a Huge BJJ and Gracie hater.But as he's said before: How many times does someone have to publically shit on your art before you go to war over it?

César: With such rules and two world class fighters, it's hard for it to end up as anything but a draw.

"Quincy is and always has been a HUGE fan of Royce's" I know that, him and i both at times seemed like the only people defending him at times years ago.That's also why i'm not surprised at him posting this.

during the post fight interview, Royce gives props to Yoshida and his ability to compete at a world class level.

i think Royce classifies Yoshida's ability to grapple/defend/attack as world class, at least that's the way it came across in the interview.

i think this was more of a person vs. person battle personally that art vs. art. if a judoka would've been cheated by another judoka, it would still be personal and there still would be pre-fight hype, etc. same with BJJ vs. BJJ. this just happened to be BJJ vs. judo. i don't think Royce looked at it as him against "judo", i think he looked at it as him vs. a guy who he feels cheated him.

congrats to Royce for his performance. and listen to the end of the pre-fight interview to hear Royce give props to Yoshida's abilities.

thread destroyed

"César: With such rules and two world class fighters, it's hard for it to end up as anything but a draw."

Kai, now i AM shocked.That was almost, like a compliment ;-)

good post Q

I always liked Royce because he was a small guy who was not afraid to fight anyone...I try to be like that. This is what Judo and BJJ are all about to me..I'm tiny, 5'6" 150lbs..Wrestling didnt take me very far when I used it against bigger guys (though I *used to be able to maul guys my size)..Thats why I train in Judo and BJJ now..