Congrats Ryan Bader

Good job getting on the show. All the hard work and sacrifices lead to this. Time to show the world what LG has known from the start.

To learn more about Ryan and his time on TUF 8 look to the following sites.

Weekly TUF 8 recap on 91x in San Diego or Thursdays at 9:15

Weekly TUF 8 blog on

Weekly MMA Radio Shows: Tuesday's KnockoutRadio, Wed and

He will have semi weekly spots on PHX AM radio and his hometown Reno AM.

For more information and appearance schedule visit


We are very proud to have Ryan as one of our official TUF 8 radio correspondents this season. Great fight tonight and I'm sure even bigger things in the future! starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST with Ryan's first stint as radio correspondent.

congrats Master Bader

^^^ LOL


I'm pretty sure I saw Bader shove someone in the house. Hard.


 War Bader

ttt for Bader and ACS....some great talent coming out of there


 Thanks guys! I am never going to get away from "Master" huh? Haha oh well.

Congrats Ryan!!!

Congrats to Vinnie as well...
Vinicius is also in the house.....

Vinnie Mag!!!


Great Job Bader!!!!!!




 Congrats DARTH BADER!