Congrats Scott Arnold!!!

I would just like to congratulate Scott Arnold from Team Gladiator for becoming the new UGC lightheavy weight champion last night!!

Scott showed us all what it looks like to have a gameplan and execute it perfectly. Beautifully done.

I'd also like to thank Cory MacDonald and Mark Cleary for cornering us, you did a great job guys.



Thanks fought a great fight as well. Thanks to all my training parters for making me throw up so many times as well.. you guys sure made me pay for showing up a couple of times hung over! :)
Thanks to Rob, Cory and Mark for everything.

Congrats to both Scott and Rob!! Scott, you dominated start to finish and proved that you deserve the belt. Rob , you had a very tough opponent and looked great. I want to get a copy of that fight. There were so many awesome reversals and escapes. Great work!


I just want to say thanks to UGC for giving Shawn Marchand the shot at the belt.
I want to thank Scott Arnold and his guys for being a class act in the fight with Shawn. Good job and I look forward to seeing you guys again.

Suffer System Fight Team

Congrats Scott!
Rob I heard that you had a great fight, good show.

Awesome job--congrats guys!

Thanks everyone. Beers at the UFC Saturday in the dozens then back to training at Gladiators.
Maybe some rye and cokes too ;)

congrats scott.... job well done,

i bet everyone at gladiators is proud of you

cheers and keep up the good work