congrats Simba

after reading all the post regarding TKO im surprised no one ha said anything regarding the match between c.bringham and simba/vingeualt (sp)

this is a serious fight and shows simba's evolution as a contender big time.. birmingham is no joke and has a nice record against good opponents.. congrats to both guys... I heard bringham has nice ground work how did it go on the mats?

Brigham shot in, simba sprawled and fell into Brigham's guard, brigham almost caught simba with an armbar and Simba escaped got up and stomped kick him in the stomach (ouch!!!!) then Simba landed a big left at Brigham's face, took mount and finished with strikes.

Stephane is my training partner and he's always improving, he impressed a lot this week-end.

Congrats Simba!

I would have started this thread myself but it has already said everything that I would have. Having such a quick loss in my first canadian Pay Per View is truly embarrassing for me. Entering the fight, I was worried about the quick standups but that was not even a factor, I just got beat down.

I am very impressed by Simba and look forward to seeing him fight for the title. yl2, please pass this on to the man himself.

-Curtis Brigham

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it was a great fight - very slick submission attempts by brigham... definitely want to see this guy fight again. i picked vigneault to win partly because of the home town factor but my heart was split because of my winnipeg roots.

Curtis, Stephane is very proud of his fight, yesterday he was back in the gym training and preparing Ivan Manjivar for his upcoming fight.

We watched the fight together and we tought your guard was incredible, i personnally got scared when you caught him with an armbar.

He respects you and was honored to fight you.

yes brigham has a very good guard, congrats to simba.


Classy words for my team mate Curtis, I appreciate this. You began the fight really good, but Simba was hungry for this fight. I've never seen somebody being that passionate in training.

You'll be back Curtis!