Congrats Spencer

Just read on the Inside Fighting Interview with Spencer Fisher that he and his wife just had a baby girl this weekend. While I would like nothing more than to elbow you in the side (not the back) of the head, Congratulations.

And good luck against Sam Stout.

Joe being classy as usual.  Would you please stop doing that because it is making it very tough for me not to like you.

LOL! good form Joe

Joe's just a nice guy, gaining respect by the day Mr. Lauzon. And congrats to Spencer and his wife on the new addition to the family.

Some of you guys should change your sn color to brown for all the psuedoceleb bkissing that goes on here.

good post

Well, Joe Lauzon is a nice guy and Spencer Fisher did just have a child, so I think it's ok to congratulate or comment on both accounts.

Joe is steadily climbing the ranks for me as a fan...I want to see this kid with a 6-figure contract more than anyone on the it all Joe


Joe I promise Ill root for you in anyfight, except against a MFS guy lol.


Joe... U da man!  Few could make a post with congrats and a hint of 'I can't wait to kick your ass' flavor!

"I want to see this kid with a 6-figure contract more than anyone on the it all Joe"

Whether or not Joe wins TUF 5, it's apparent that Dana White is a fan and will give Joe a lucrative contract regardless. And if Spencer does get his revenge against Sam Stout, I'm all for a fight between Joe and Spencer in the near future. Joe should be given the chance to get some revenge for the Upgrade. It makes sense to me.

Oh, and congrats to Spencer and his wife on their new addition.

damn, hope the kid got moms looks. congrats - and you thought fighting was tough.

joe... great showing on utf... u fight a very exciting fight to watch, u always bring it 2 the ring.



congrats to Spencer

congrats to Spencer!!!


i hear that guy is like a scary wolverine.