Congrats Steve "Spiderman" Sark

Congrats to Steve (Spiderman) of Big Cove First Nation, New Brunswick for earning a well deserved blue belt last night. Steve performed well in completing the technical, sport jiu-jitsu and vale tudo requirements of the test. He is very dedicated to BJJ and is now starting to train no-gi and box as well- great to see young lads that dedicated to their training. The New Brunswick crew continues to grow and advance.



But why would a bjj blue belt have a vale tudo requirement? :P

cause thats how we roll in NB!!!!

LOL UVR is correct- in order to grade the candidate has to effectively demonstrate that they can use BJJ to defend themselves against an opponent that is allowed to strike- starting from various positions and in the upper ranks standing. People have varying opinions on this aspect of testing but it does require that the candidate demonstrate they can competently apply jiu-jitsu against an aggressive opponent that is striking.


Congrats Steve.

Congratulations steve....but i'd like to correct Oyama. Steve's last name is Clement and not sark. Just a little correction. Great job indeed and i'd like to also say he has a good instructor. Right Oyama?

Frig, Sark went better with his ring name! Yes indeed it is Clement- Steve "Spiderman" Clement!!! Great kid with a bright future!


congrats steve!! You're a very dedicated guy & I miss training with you, Sam & the crew up there in the 'CHI!!!! I'm just wishing I was there to return some of the strikes in the vale tudo part of your test... it would only be fair right!!??


Hope all is well Beau- glad you are training with a good crew- Marcus' reps are solid. Call me if you ever get back to New Brunswick.

Merry Christmas.