Congrats Team Praxis-Waller & Blue

I want to congratulate my boys Matthew Waller and Donnie Blue on their first round submission victories Saturday night at Rampage in the Cage in LaFayette, LA.

Blue was business as usual, taking his opponent down, passing guard, laying down a little GnP and then securing the back and getting the choke. He lost his last fight to a controversial ref stoppage and was also fighting up out of his normal weight class. This fight saw him back at his normal division of 155# and back to his winning ways.

This was Matthew's first fight. Matthew and I have been partners in the fight game for almost 10 years now. He has been my best friend and manager and has promoted 15 events in GA. He trains sporadically with our team when time permits and he has competed in a few grappling tournaments with little to no! He decided about 6 weeks ago that he wanted to take this fight at 185 lbs. He started out weighing 220 lbs. and dedicated himself to training. He put his faith in me and the team to get him ready and we worked on getting him there. His dedication was evident when he only had to cut 3 lbs. on the day of weigh ins to make 185, losing 32 lbs. in 6 weeks.

Matthew put on a show with a theatrical ring entrance that the crowd loved (wait on the DVD!) and handled his business. His opponent was very heavy handed and layed down some GnP on Matthew but he remained calm and weathered the storm. He showed the heart of a veteran nailing the heel hook at about 3 minutes into rd. 1 for the tapout!! I was very proud and it was a very emotional experience for me because Matthew has been like a brother to me for the past 7 years. I love ya, dawg. You did good.

No idea if he wants to continue fighting... he has some more skills to work on but he showed he has the guts and the heart to be a fighter.

I also want to thank Andres Landor and Left Hook Promotions for giving us the opportunity. It was LHP's first all MMA show (they usually promote boxing) and it was a very well organized and well run event. We were all treated great by the promoters. I highly recommend the promotion to any fight camps out there looking for fights. The venue was great and I estimate around 6000 in attendance.

Look for a full write up on the ISCF page soon!!!!

Cam McHargue (Team Praxis)


I just got home from the trip to Louisiana. I had a blast! Matthew and Blue are always quality entertainment. I can't add much to what Cam said about the fights. Blue was a beast and I am still amazed at how calm and focused Matthew was considering this was his first fight. It was an awesome venue and a very large and energetic crowd and they loved Matthew. People were still talking about his ring entrance the next day. I am glad I got to be a part of the whole thing.


That's outstanding. Congrats Waller! ...and Blue too.

Matt was the first person I ever met in the sport. I drove 15 hours for a 20 minute conversation with him. Even though that fight turned out to be grappling only, that's where it all started...SFO 7 Griffin, GA, May 2001.

Thanks for taking a chance Matt. Nice job on the 30+ lbs and the W. Congratulations.

-Tara LaRosa

Scott, I'm glad you went with us, dawg. I had a blast. As much of a nervous wreck as I was you were invaluable as far as getting Blue and Matthew warmed up and taken care of and in the corners!!
I'm going to leave it up tp Scott, Blue and Matthew to tell the extra curricular stories... about oil cans, threesomes and cock fighting....LOL!!!!



Way to go guys! Take care and train hard!!


Thanks everybody, that venue was awesome. It was by far the biggest crowd I have ever fought in front of.I would love an opportunity to fight for the promoter again.

I was going to make this trip no matter what just to see STICK kick some ass. it was just a bonus that he found me a fight on the same card. I was so proud to see him get in there and throw down! It was F@cking Awesome, STICK got in to his opponents head the minute we arrived in town and stayed in his head till we left town. His opponent talked mad shit the whole time. That is why it was so sweet to see his ass tap in the cage. Just some advice buy the DVD it will be worth it just for STICK's ring entrance!

CONGRATS Mathew, You my boy, Motha Sucka

Blue (go Team Praxis)

ttt for some great people

"I'm going to leave it up tp Scott, Blue and Matthew to tell the extra curricular stories... about oil cans, threesomes and cock fighting....LOL!!!! "

I am going on record now and saying that anything Stick or Blue Streak say about me or any activity that I participated in this weekend are all lies! Everyone knows that I am a good boy.

Scott as far as I am concerned what happens in LA stays in LA.

TTT for Scott "soup can" Harper


Way to go guys... Matthew you are the mannnnn....

Matthew "Serial Killer" Waller taps Bobby Friend.

Like Cam said, more details will be on soon!

to the top for the "Serial Killer". He is a very sexy man


sick picture awesome job matthew and blue!

congrats waller

Good job, Waller!!Cam, Matt, and Team Praxis are a great bunch o guys.

WOW! Great job Matt! Congrats on the fight.



Congratulations to Matthew and Blue!