Congrats Team-ROC

Congrats to the Team-Roc fighters who competed this weekend. We had Tara LaRosa in XFO up in Chicago and she won with an arm bar in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds of round one. This is after battling motion sickness on the whole trip up. Guess Tara will never own a small plane. She makes it to the event about 30 minutes before her match and pulls off a win. This girl is on fire.

On the other side of things Team-ROC sent a small but skilled contingent to Atlanta for the Casca-Grossa tournament. This event had some fantastic grapplers from around the south and with only 4 competitors Team-ROC took home the 3rd place team Trophy. Amber Burns won the women’s division submitting her first opponent with and arm bar and winning her 2nd match 17-0 on points. Now if we can all talk her into competing more often. She also finished 2nd in the men’s intermediate division.

Brandon "the midget" Garner won the advanced lightweight division and shared first place with Conrad "caboose" Foust in the advanced middleweight division. Conrad and Brandon tore through the division to take the combined 1st and 2nd place for Tea-ROC. Conrad also competed in the gi division taking 3rd. He lost to the eventual winner of the division in a great match.

Joam "are you sure your Brazilian" competed taking 2nd in the purple belt combined division.

Next time I think we will take a bigger team and contest for the title.

Thanks to JJ and Carol of casca-Grossa for a great event.


sounds like the ROC had a good weekend all the way around.. Congrats to everyone at the grappling tourney.. I know Brandon is a hell of a grappler

Tara had a great fight.. she had a very rough day, but once she got into the cage, she did what needed to be done!! A huge congrats to her!! One thing we learned without a doubt.. no more prop planes for Tara..

TTT for the ROC.

we actually thought about that disco.. figured something that causes drowsiness hours before a fight would not be a good thing.. anyways.. through the adversity.. she came through like a champ!

Congrats! Jason, glad to see TEAM ROC is still moving in the right direction! I don't hear any thing from Brent anymore!

Go Team ROC



Brent is over seas for a few months. I think he is due back sometime in March. Will keep you posted. hey drop me an e-mail at I have a couple of things for you.

Congrats to Team Roc!!! whats next for team roc?

If anyone sees Brent tell him "stevekt" says hello from California. I was his student a few years ago back in Eden, NC.

We are trying to get a lot going on. Hoping to get Spencer on some KOTC shows as well as either another fight in Rumble on the Rocks or in Japan for K1.

Tara is trying to fight a lot this year and really make an impact.

We have Brandon graner who is fighting at 155 and is going to be a force. He is really comming along in his training.

We have Jake Whitfield who is undefeated as well as Chad Satterfield who is looking for his 2nd fight.

We have Amber Burns who after this past weekend might be interested in more grappling tournaments.

My old ass might try to fight in 2005 as well.

So to answer your question as to what is next....who knows. I have so much crap going on I sometimes don't know which way is up.

Thanks for the support and keep an eye out for big things from Team-ROC over the next 12 months.


Amber Burns is awesome. Sign me up for her fan club please :).

Amber definitely rocks.

TTT for termi1 tearing up the senior's physically/emotionally handicap division in 05!

Team-Roc to the top!