Congrats to Thiago "Pitbull" Alves on a dominating performance over a skilled veteran in Tony DeSouza.

Thiago was able to control the fight by stuffing Tony's takedowns, and then land a straight right that dropped Tony. Thiago followed up with a barrage of punches until the bell sounded.

Round 2 saw Pitbull land a perfectly placed knee that dropped Tony followed by some strikes but Tony was out. Match offically ends at 1:10 of round 2.

Great  to see Pitbull's fight made the PPV, and be  able to showcase his talent and skill set to the rest of the country.

Great job Thiago! Go ATT!!

American Top Team

Great fight Thiago!!!

A scary looking man


yeah that was a pretty damn good fight, congrats Thiago...:-)

flawless win

Awesome Fight!

Congrats, great win, he looked great

TTT For Thiago "PITBULL" Alves!

"Bring on Kos or rematch Fitch... guaranteed different result!"


How about "lil Pitbull" for a nickname?

grats thiago but that guy blew ass and had no right to be in that octagon. Also thiago was WAY too tentative and he couldve and shouldve been able to finish him in the first.


"that guy blew ass and had no right to be in that octagon."

Tony DeSouza blows ass?

Damn impressive fight.

Tony DeSouza is a great fighter.

3ts 4 Pitbull!!! Great fight. Kid is a monster!! Congrats.

ATT 4 life!

Thiago looked great...

thiago vs pete spratt would be sweet or maybe diaz.

great fight, explosive and talented fighter

Excellent fight, hell, the whole card was the most exciting I've seen in a long time.