Congrats to a New Blue Belt...

Congratulations to James Foster aka ValeTudoTn on receiving his Blue Belt yesterday from Professor Pedro Sauer.

James trains at KBJJ in Knoxville, TN.

Now get ready James!!! All the white belts at KBJJ are lining up to give you the next test. :)


Thanks Mike. It is an honor to recieve rank from Professor Sauer.

Well as for the white belts, better tell them to eat their Wheaties.


Congrats, welcome to the Blue Belt club!!!


Wow, blue huh? Bout time you got rid of that pink belt. Does this mean you are now too elite to roll with me? Still, BIG TIME CONGRATs ya ugly, no-hair-havin', short-sleeved-gi-wearin', broke-toed little troll. Hope to see you tonight. I figure on gettin' my blue belt in another 10 to 12 years, so watch out. I'm right behind ya.

Alright Clydeus Minimus... Dont make me lay a fierce beatdown on you tonight.

Thanks man. I got a bit nervous when we got up there and I had to roll with John and didnt get to roll with the other guys testing. But I guess I did ok cause I passed.

Had to roll with John huh? Did he make you look good? Well, let me clarify that. Did he make your grappling look good, cause we all know there ain't much can be done for that face. :-)

I'll be sure to tap to the pre-roll hand-slap tonight in order to avoid the absolute destruction of what little ego I have left.

I heard there is a big announcement tonight. Anybody dropping any hints? Is it true that the word is you are facing Rickson at the next TN Shooto event?

Nah I am not going to be fighting him. They need to up the money to get me to fight now lol.

Seriously though is there some kind of announcement tonight?

Jason saw me this morning and said the guys said there was a big announcement tonight. Not sure when he heard it, guess at one of the classes. Suppose we'll just have to wait and see. maybe John and Matt got their browns? Maybe they won the lotto and are taking us all to the next PRIDE? Gee, I'm giddy wiht excitement now.

By the way, I'm planning on ducking you tonight, as well as any body else with more experience or even a slight strength advantage. From here on out I am only rolling with guys at least 50 lbs lighter than me and only 2 weeks of training. Just thought I'd give you a heads up on that.

Well I am now wondering what it is. Well guess I am going to be waiting until tonight to find out. I know they are going to throw me in front of the entire class tonight since I got my blue.

Throw you. Ya mean we can pitch you around from person to person? Kinda like dwarf tossing? COOL!

Hey watch the dwarf jokes man!! Thats hitting below the belt. Ive killed men for less than that.

Yeah, and like I have room to talk anyway. The man with the mighty 27" inseam.

By the way, Matt (the goofy guy that tags along with me) said now that you got your blue, he is gonna embarass you when he gets you on the mat tonight. Siad he was gonna smoke you like a cheap cigar. Just thought you should know that.

Hmmm.. Well he hasnt really done much of that yet what makes him think he can do it now??? ;)

Well, if I were you, I'd call him on it right off the bat. Don't say anything like Clyde told me though. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. And of course I am not just doing this as a really cruel joke at Matt's expense.



Way to go man. Sauer is who I got my blue belt from.

Now the hunter becomes the hunted.....