Congrats to a new MI black belt

Chris Malgeri received his black belt in BJJ from Marcello Monteiro this Saturday when Marcello was in town for a seminar. Congrats, he has been working hard and training for a very long time. Chris is the instructor at Martial Arts Unlimited in Clawson and the current MFL 155lb Champion.

 Good for Chris, i've heard nothing but good stuff about that guy.


BTW, when & where was Marcello at?

Awesome! Congrats to Chris!

yaaayyy!!!! Chris

Congratulations!!! I was really impressed with your last fight at the MFL. all the best

Brandon Fracassi

Awesome congrats Chris! That makes 9 of us now!

"BTW, when & where was Marcello at?"

This last weekend at Chris's school in Clawson.

Congrats Chris way to go...

Dan Cousineau / MFL