Congrats to Aguzzi and Patricio!!

Congratulations to my bros Aguzzi and Patricio for their performances in the GAMMA tournament. They both excelled in their divisions and in the absolutes.

For those who havent gotten the chance, you should really roll with these guys. They have alot to offer.

That was one sick open guard on Patricio, sadly i'd have to detach both my hamstrings to even attempt it. I would have liked to see Aguzzi vs. Patricio in the purple+ finals be a bit more on the ground, but it was interesting none-the-less.

Congrats, they gave a show indeed.

I hope to visit gamma soon.


TTT to both of them.

Ben Meireles. (( RONIN MMA ))

When they fought each other in the finals, I imagined one of those Shamrock/Frye stalemates, both with triangles instead of heel-hooks! Lethal guards both...

thanks man

Congrats guys your games both looked very sharp as usual.


Ronin MMA

congrats guys, you guys were really the top 2 there

very technical matches.

you also did awesom Justin