Congrats to all the Fighters @ TKO

First off, congrats to all the fighters who put it on the line last Saturday. You guys are the reason we in the business and those who are also fans come out to see. No matter what some of the opinions may be, you all deserve all the credit, not the promotion, the promoters and not the sponsors or media like myself. I am still sad to not have seen all you guys out there, but can't wait to see the tape or any video's that are out there.

A big heartfelt congrats to the Machine, the Butcher and the Sandman. You all made Showdown very proud and had us go 3-0. Keep up the great work gentlemen. Mark, the conversation we had the night before the fight on the phone brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to see you and the rest of you guys, very, very soon. Keep in touch.

To all my pals/fans who were there, you guy rule. Thanks for the nice e-mails...I wish I could have been there, but as you know, my wife won this battle...:)

Fontaine and Munduruca...I tried for years to get you guys in to fight Vigneault but was never allowed. Waking up hearing that you are the new champ brought the biggest smile to my face and the loudest 'YES' burst out of my system. I really like Steve Vigneault, but like he always told me, he was aware there were other guys out there to fight. YOU were one of them, so this is great, great news for MMA in Canada.

That being said, I truely hope Mahood and Cote becomes a reality. I don't feel good about this situation, but hope it is not true.

Back to work...I'll be back in a second.

Thx Joe for the kind words!!

Great post Joe. You missed a great night of fights. Wished you could have been there.

Mark Hominick is so much fun to watch. He gets better everytime I see him. His ground game is 10x better than it was at this time last year IMO. Mark is a class act all the way and a great Canadian SLW Champ.

Chris Fontaine and those knees were something else. It was nice meeting Chris, his family, and Rodigro.

Can't forget Kyle Sanford and his fight. Kyle's aggressiveness was amazing. The mount and slam were highlights of the night.

Great effort by all competitors. Joe I hope we can see you there May 1st.

Where in the hell is Ivan Menjivar ?

He needs to be in a TKO ring fighting.

I still have the pic of Fontaine in the Showdown shirt...not as scary as JHR but puts fear in me like no other...:)