Congrats to BARONI!!

On his win over Olaf in the PFC.

Decision win. fight went all the way.

I heard Phil's cardio was awesome.

Good fight from BOTH fighters but according to the people I spoke/ texted, 3rd round was all Phil's.


phil is taking the hassim rahman (boxing) approach to getting himself back up in the rankings by staying active, and i dont care if its random cans from town to town, its smart and im all for it, staying active is much much MUCH better for a fighter than fighting twice a year, it proves to us the fans that he's taking his career seriously and hes willing to fight ANYBODY! i would love to see him back here fighting, and hey, if we truely feel mma wont last in HI then f it, end it with a bang, egans out of retirement, have him fight baroni, id rather see that then a rematch with hose, no offense champ

He has another fight Oct 3. I believe,

then he gets married on the 12th.

Talk about Busy.

as soon as I get the pics from Tracy Lee, I'll post a blog on

Hopefully with a nice T*U logo shot.


try to get at least a tease on the hg please

Olaf aka "Meth Jesus"?

people usually just knock him out.


Big Congrats NYBA!!!

Fukker's working so hard, his honeymoon is gonna be ridiculous!!!

 Just heard he is not fighting next week due to a cut over his eye requiring 6 stiches :-(

TTT for a speedy recovery