Congrats to Dale Frank....

... new BJJ Black Belt. Dale got his Black Belt from Caique yesterday.
Very well deserved promotion to a guy that gives meaning to the word "Warrior".

Congrats my friend!!!!



TTT!!! AWESOME! Dale is a great guy and tough as hell!! I was honored to get the chance to train with him the last time I was out in LA...

What's up Mauricio? Were there any other promotions?

Whats up Angelo! Yeah, Matt Hutoom got his brown, he'll be black soon I think,he is very, very good.
A couple of purples and blues!

Cool! Now I don't feel so bad getting trashed by Matt when I was out there last time :) He is tough as hell!! Tell everyone "congratulations" from us in Michigan!

Sweet! Congrats Dale

Sorry I didn't make yours Mauricio.

congrats Dale!!What's up Mauricio?