Congrats to Evolution Combat Academy

Congrats to Ronnie "BAm Bam" Rogers on his Professional MMA debut and victory at Wild Bills. Also, to Jeremy "Stickman" Barret on his amateur mma debut and victory. Both fighters won in the first round, BAM by mounted absolute beat down and Stickman by brutal KO. Hope that the school continues to grow and more victories come. Everyone's hard work seems to be paying off from the owners to the instructors and the students. Keep up the good work. If anyone is interested in learning more about the academy or looking to prepare for an mma event go to

there have been rumors that the jiu jitsu instructor at this school has a back that is made of titanium and shins as sharp as razors????? good shot bam an jeremy

liquor hell i don't even know her

Did Lane Splawn fight on that card?

Did he win?

no he didnt...

He didn't fight or he didn't Win?