Congrats to fellow Canadians!

Congrats to everybody who competed and supported anybody competing in Fargo this past Saturday at the Dakota Fighting Championships.

I didn't know all the fighters, and didn't see all the fights, but the ones I did see, I'll comment on.

Krzysztof, what can I say? This guy is a massive powerhouse and his leg couldn't make my weight division :), He is an intimidating guy, and is going to be a force to reckon with if he continues the way he has. He's already a scary guy, but could only imagine how much better this guy is going to get. Congrats on beating your opponent in a minute with punches, knees, whatever it took. All standup.

John Yim vs Gjermund Larsen was a great fight, and a war of attrition. John came out and showed his striking is improving each time he fights, he was throwing some Fast kicks to the head, none landed clean but who cares, never saw those out of him like that before. Next guy might not be as short. ;)
These guys fought tooth and nail to the finish. John dominated position and got the takedown every round, and pounded in the guard in a pretty grueling match. Congrats on the unanimous Decision John!

Gil Torrez impressed me against Keith Sogla, Even though it was a quicker fight, he took the much more experienced Keith Sogla down multiple times, and he was dominating positon early, and had the back, and few near subs, but Keith showed his experience, and pulled off an armbar. nothing to be ashamed of Gil, Good showing for your 2nd fight.

Jericho Montana had an impressive 3 round fight that had lots of back and forth action, with him taking more punishment, thus losing the decision, but this kid, didn't stop at Anything, and had some great uppercuts. he has a HUGE heart, good cardio, and had a great showing in his first MMA match. I was even more impressed when after the fight, I was asking him where he trained, and he said his apartment! wow. If this guy goes to international they could do great things with him.

Congrats to everybody for bringing it!

Also Grant Tennant from Portage ended up fighting a fellow Winnipeger. I thought Grant was phenominal in possibly a slightly overmatched opponent? Grant is getting better each time. Congrats.