Congrats to Gary Wright + Toshido

Congrats to Gary Wright and Team Toshido. In the main event Gary beat a very game Myles Merola at the Valley Fights held in Chilliwack.

Gary looked great tonight, dominating the whole fight standing and on the ground. Myle's a tough kid but had to tapout to strikes in the second.

Congrats Gary, Myles is a tough kid. I am sure it was on hell of a fight to watch.

Anyone have the info for Valley Fights. Just wondering who is reffing.

Nice work Gary! Impressive win.

Nice job Gary! Congrats!!

hey Gary way to go dude!  Myles is tough.

"Just wondering who is reffing."  I watched the last one and they had  Paul Daniel ref the one boxing fight, and Jason Williamson  reff the MMA. they did a good job and I hope all went well with the officiaing last night. I sure it was fine.