Congrats to Ives and Pulver!!!

Congrats guys! :)

I knew that you guys would do it!


You were the underdog, but you showed EXACTLY why I had the confidence in you to recommend that you compete in Kipp's event! I am just glad that Kipp had enough faith in you to let you in. I see and know what you do in the gym, and just wanted others to know what you are capable of! Congrats to one of the most motivating fighters that I know!!!


There was never any doubt in my mind, and knew from talking to you that you were coming in to win!!!

Congrats again to both guys!!!

First the big knockout in Shooto and then this, glad to see that Jens has been hard at work in the gym!

So how did Pulver do?


Jens won 5-4 in a very tough match.