Congrats to Jake Short

Huge congrats to Jake Short as he defeated previously undefeated Forest Petz in the FFC tonight by unanimous decision.

Jake said it was a very tough fight, as Forest did all he could in the third round to stay undefeated by landing some big shots after Jake jump out to an early two round lead.

For those of you that have never seen Jake fight, he takes a hell of a punch, and it sounded like Petz has one!

From all accounts, it was a war at the end!


Yes, Jake agreed to take the fight on Wednesday.

To be honest, he only trained Wednesday of this week since September 10, his last fight in the FFC. He was just getting ready to get back to training for the KOTC next month when we got the call.

I don’t like Jake taking fights at 170 lb, as we want to stay down at 155, but that's all we seem to get offered. Forrest was coming down from 185 with huge punching power, which Jake can attest to.


"...landing some big shots after Jake jump out..."

I thought you were gonna say "after Jake jumped out of the ring to avoid submission attempts..." lol ;)

I don't know if they went out of the ring or not? Knowing Jake, they might have! ha ha!

What we learned from Sherk was, go south to 155 lb young man. Those boys are too strong!

You know what though, Jake was offered to fight him again a month after the first fight and he was going to take it, thank god someone else did before we got the chance.

Jake truely will fight anyone, that's what scares me.

Sherk is a monster!


I bet Jake wished he could have stepped out of the ring to avoid a couple of Petz's huge punches!!


cool! congrats! that is a big win...

Congrats to Jake...quickly turning into the hardest working guy in MMA....


How did Vitkay do?????

Congrats to Short. Was this the event Vitkay and Seguin were in, and if so, anyone know how they did?

Congrats Jake. Take care and train hard!!!

Dave lost via tko. Sequin was injuried and did not fight.

Rob called me today and said that Jake and Petz did go out of the ring 3 or 4 times.


good job jake

Big win for Jake for sure congrats!It sucks to hear that Vitkay lost he was looking good in training on tuesday.Dave is tough as hell and has the heart of a lion.