Congrats to Jamie Helmer!!

Just wanted to send my congrtas to Jamie on his great win today. Jamie you are a great teacher and I am so proud you won today.

also congrats to Dan and Matt and Patow on thier victories. I hope Dougie is ok after the KO

Ronin guys are the shit.......................


congratulations guys....

Ron, aka. Frodoliscious...

Man, Ronin put on a Thai clinic today. All three guys fought great, and I was proud to be a part of it. Congrats to Dan, Matt, and Jamie, you are all warriors, and I hope to see you fight again soon.


TTT to the RONIN BOYS!!!

Ben (( RONIN MMA ))

ask Jamie if the phone is still ringin lol


Jamie...1-800-New-Mouthguard....Sonny..Cher...please don't beat me!!!

Lisa Ronin-MMA