Congrats to Jay Estrada

With his win last night at Shooto I think he has three wins within 30 days.

Combat-Do guys must really love to fight.

And he has been fighting some pretty good opposition too.

Jay actually fought with a touch of the flu and a slightly dislocated shoulder. He dislocated it a week ago and hasnt been able to pop it back in. The doctor demanded that he not fight, but as anyone would tell you that knows Jay. He only listens to his heart and was no way in hell going to miss out fight on one of greenmans cards.

Jay will actually be taking a little time off as well as dropping to 145. He weighed in at 153 and is the lightest he has been since he graduated high school. If you thought he was bad at 155, just weight until he fights guys at his true weight.

Mike Davis

Also, another guy that is fighting his ass of is Bill Hill, I was talking to him about his grueling schedual and his response was a little scarry. He says that he feels perfect and that his body has yet to be banged up.

He might be the new Chicagoland iron man

Bill Hill looked pretty sharp at IHC too.

Easy to remember though.

I think that's the idea

Would this Jay Estrada also go by the name of "No Show" Victor Estrada

It always has to turn negative.


That comes across as a very negative comment/question. I am fairly sure that this is not the same guy.

Ps. Congrats to Jay! He is a very nice guy, and a very tough guy also! Good luck to you in the future! :)

Hi ABF! :)

HE IS NOT VICTOR NO SHOW ESTRADA. this might be hard to understand but there are millions of people in this country and some of them have the same last name.

its jay "the ghetto-blaster" estrada.
ive trained with jay for a few years now and he's the real deal. hes been wanting to fight for so long and now that hes getting his chance hes doing it to the fullest.

his only loss has been to bart, and thats nothing to be ashamed of. i can only imagine the carnage he'll wreak on the 145 division.

Congrats Jay. He had a dominating performance Friday, and as Mike mentioned he was extremely sick in the days leading up to his bout.

So timmy you are NOT the timmy from Southpark?

So many names so many people, I have been hit in the head too much to keep it all straight.

ttt for Jay "Always shows even when sick" Estrada

I'd like to say thanks to Randy for inviting me to his show as well as shooto. I just want to put on a great show win or loose. I give Mike Loyd lots of credit. He took this fight on two weeks notice and moved up a weight class to fight me. That takes heart. Thanks to abf production, my bro mark the keith for my corner.

Mods, green name please

Congrats to Jay! No surprise he won, very tough with a lot of heart.

Hey Joe where the hell have you been?!

Sean Burke

Jay looked very tough. Congrats to him.

Cool, maybe we can bring him to New Orleans to compete one day!!!Good Luck Jay! To contact us e-mail us at or call 504-888-6451.

Cool Joe, I was about to tell you that as long as the money is right Jay will fight at a family BBQ, he doesnt care where its at or how shity he feels, when he makes an apointment he keeps it. Joe, I have your contact information and if you are interested in booking Jay you can also email me at.

Congats to Jay! Sorry I couldn't make the fight/trip, I had to work.

Go Jay!!!


congrats jay

damn 145? i saw you at ihc and you looked huge