Congrats to Joe Lauzon

Just wanted to says congrats to Joe. Joe always brings it in the cage!

Congrats to him.


He couldn't have looked any better!

Congrats indeed.

Joe is a beast!!! That dude brings it...can't wait to see him fight again.

Joe retroactively needs to be nicknamed 'The Prototype'.

I vote to call him

"Boston" Joe Lauzon...

Congrats though...That was a sick fight for him...


Animal style win.... I hope that "creepy joe" doesn't stick!!

Admit it, though, you would have laughed a little bit had your brother knocked himself out with that slam. :p

TTT for Joe, badass fight!

Was that the easiest 5 grand Joe ever made? Well the canvas gave him a good fight I guess, so he didn't walk out completely pain-free.

Definitely a great fight. Dan, did you, uh, know the result beforehand?

Grats to Joe if you see this!

I like

Joe "The Animal" Lauzon

Although I was trying to think of an animal that minds its own and then rips you to shreds if you bother it.

good win

No. I had no idea.........

Did you guys see how red/purple his elbow was after the fight?

They always say, one mistake in MMA and you could lose the fight. The good thing about Joe is that he truly makes you pay for a split second mistake. Most fighters wouldn't have jumped on a guys back that fast when they get back to their feet. He's always looking for the finish and he's not afraid to lose position to do it, and that wins him more fights than it loses him.

I saw several times in fights this season where a guy rocked another guy, or had him slightly out of position and everyone flipped out and was like "get on him, make him pay for that." That goes without saying with Joe...he's on you like flies on shit from bell to bell.

Joe is a beast.

That was really impressive.

Thanks guys